Native Promotional Products

Native Promotional Products is one most respected companies in the promotional products industry and a specialist in products that market YOUR brand.

Native Promotional Products is a 100% Native American and Woman-Owned Business.  Our team has years of collective experience in all areas of the promotional products industry. This vast, in-depth knowledge allows Native to provide the highest level of service and support to customers all across the United States.

We have established a solid reputation for integrity, honesty and reliable customer service


The Native Way

Customer Focus

1. Exceptional Customer Experience.
Because exceptional service is our competitive edge, we will strive to understand and respond to each customer’s unique needs. We want their experience to be: “simple, smooth, solved.”

2. A Business of Branding.
We provide branded products, but our business is creating solutions to customers’ marketing, promotion, and motivation needs. We offer creative and unrelenting brand support.

Great Expectations

3. Continuous Improvement.
Every associate is responsible for improving the work they do every day. We will deliver what our customers want when they want it – and eliminate anything that diminishes that effort.

4. Standard of Excellence.
More important than size, we want to be the firm – the standard of excellence – against which others are measured.

Respectful and Responsible

5. Valuing People.
We will hire talented people, train and empower them, and recognize their accomplishments. We want a safe, healthy workplace, where communication is strong, teamwork is the norm, and innovation energizes.

6. A “Family” of Relationships.
As a “family” business, we seek the collective benefits that come from mutually-beneficial, long-term affiliations with our associates, sales partners, customers, and suppliers.

7. Giving Back.
We will give back to the community from which we have drawn our strengths. As a company and as individuals, we seek to be leaders in education, charity, and civic affairs.

8. Doing What Is Right.
Our decisions will be guided by “what is right.” It is good business, as well.